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  • Hi, I'm California Assembly Member Darrell Steinberg, and I invite you to join me in supporting this statewide ballot initiative to support expanded mental health care programs.
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April 29, 2004



I believe that what you have begun is an up word battle your are doing a great job in researching what families need for today and the furture.

Darrell Steinberg


I agree, it's a monumental job. Fortunately, the work involved in raising public awareness about mental illness was begun years ago by various organizations, and that work really laid the groundwork for this initiative. Our polling shows that about half of the people we talked to have a friend or family member with a mental illness, and this level of awareness did not exist a few decades ago. Many people also understand that mental illness need not become severe and disabling, and that children with mental disabilities need not grow up to be hopeless and homeless. We need to get this initiative passed and we need to continue to raise public awareness so that we can prevent mental disabilities in children from becoming severe and disabling, and from landing them in jail, both of which are painful and unnecessary outcomes. I believe that children should be helped and nurtured to reach their potential, and that their families can do this if we make help available to those who need it.


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