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October 20, 2004



Today I received a "voter information guide for Democrats," but it is not endorsed by the Democrats. It is 2 weeks before the election and this unsolicited mailing is a very deceitful form of influencing the vote for propositions.
In a very small box titled "Notice to Voters," the mailer states that the "Apperance is paid for and authorized by each candidate and ballot measure designated by an *.
According to the *'s, I can not help but wonder what nefarious group is overseeing this guide! The guide recommends how to vote on each proposition and specifically recommends voting NO on 63 and YES on 68.
Can you help me to know who to contact regarding this deceitful form of influencing the vote?
Thank you,
Sharon Werth


Re Sharon's snide remark to Glenis...Is that what you tell the hundreds of victims of psychiatric abuse at Metropolitan State Hospital? (See my comments of 10/20). There have been many similar psychiatric abuse horror stories, but this one was recent and in California, so the people who committed those crimes are the same ones now holding their sweaty palms out for even more tax money now via Prop 63.

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